What About Prophetic Declaration?

I have been watching the eruption of the Flash-mob events around the world. Recently it seems the enemy of Christianity has been working overtime to destroy any influence Christian values may have in society. It has invaded every strata and seems to overtaking the topic of sermons with fear motivating the subject of the messages at the local gathering of the Body of Christ.

I believe the Spirit of God has stirred up the choirs and orchestra's to take the occasion the season offers, to declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 

I believe God is declaring the soon change of kingdoms, when the Kingdoms of this world, become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ.

In some of our dealing in the last year we have observed the overpowering manifestation of demonic manifestation declaring openly their confidence that they are going to win the battle.

God is stirring up the spirit of men and women to declare the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords throughout the world. Because it is a surprise venue, it cannot be stopped. It is a declaration from heaven all over the world of the coming of the manifestation of His Kingship and Lordship.

Each time I see it, my heart rejoices and my eyes run with tears of joy, because He Who is the King of Kings, is declaring to the world that He cannot be suppressed and restraint of His people only causes greater release of His glory.