Here are some visions and their interpretations to pray over and ponder.

Vision Concerning America

This morning I awoke at 3:15 and started to pray.  As I was praying I had a vision of a HUGE very black portal over the pinnacle of the White House in Washington DC.  I saw many many people, especially men, being lifted up into the portal.  When being lifted up, they were at the mercy of the portal. They had no control over their person.  I started to pray for my country, because I love it and believe we are on the verge of going one way or the other.  Either a cry for God or a continuing of backsliding.  This country is at a crucial cross roads. 
As I continued to pray, I also saw a much smaller portal which was white and the size of a mans hand.  Because of its size, I felt it was hundreds of miles away. My sensing was, that it had been pushed there by some unfore seen force.  The burden for my country became stronger and all I could do was pray in tongues.
As I prayed the Lord reminded me of two things He has been speaking to me lately.  One was concerning the Ark.  I then remembered the movie Evan Almighty and how that towards the end of the movie, the Ark was taken to Washington by a flood and almost collided with the Capitol.  I sensed the Lord saying, that He had prepared an Ark for His peoples safety and that we had to learn to be in tune to His voice and obedient with whatever He required.  That at a moments notice we had to be ready to "enter the Ark".  Leave all behind and enter.  Whether it would be family, homes, businesses, relationships, anything that would keep us from entering into His safe place, the Ark. 
He then brought me back to the vision, where I saw the small white portal.  The Father reminded me of the story of Elijah and that the cloud that brought rain and deliverance was only the size of a mans hand.  I felt encouraged that deliverance was coming and not to look at the size or what we feel it should look like or be, but enter into it when He declares to us to enter.
He also spoke and said, just because we know these examples or illustrations from the word, does not mean we will enter in, unless we are obedient and we have a hearing ear.

Ellie Hurst
985 Pebble Bend Dr.
Grayson, Georgia 30017

I believe that the Lord would have us pray into the release and redirection of that small portal or whirlwind. We need to ask God what action He requires as He gives us personally a call to intercede for this country.

Dr. Bill