Although this is not a message, it is a song that has held me through a number of trials recently as God is working in me, that which will ready me for the days to come in which there will be  awesome revival outpouring and change. 

 This is the first in the series, BECOMING THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL. There will be 6 video's in all. Hopefully this is the first of a number of video's Bro Jim and I will be recording. Thank you again Bro Jim for your gracious time and effort in helping spread the Word of the Kingdom that must be preached in all the world for a witness.

 This is  a brief series of teachings that will be appearing on Youtube from time to time. We will keep you posted and trust that you will visit the Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership site which will allow you to see the introduction to several of the courses taught by Dr. Hurst.

If you go to and type in ISCL in a search, you will find  video bites of some of the courses taught, on ISCL's video page.