The Joseph Connection

Watching the current events in Egypt has stirred a prophetic sense in my being.   My memory has been triggered to share something the Lord gave years ago.

Corinthians tells us that all these things happened to them for examples for us on whom the ends of the age are come. Another translation of the passage reads, "all these things happened for examples of us and are written for our instruction on whom the ends of the age are come".

When we look at the historic accounts in scripture we find that God sent Joseph ahead to prepare the way for His preservation of the whole world but especially to preserve Israel, His people. Joseph was processed by God through a series of trials lasting about 13 or more years.

God had been training Joseph through his circumstances, testing his integrity, so he could use him to preserve the then known world. Because he refused to deny the principles of character that were the standard of his relationship with God in his life, God could trust him with the then known world.

All of that preparation was essential for the responsibility that would become his one day. All of the seven steps down were essential so that God could exalt him and he would still walk in mercy and grace toward all, including those who betrayed him.

As the chart at the right shows, Joseph, in his training period, went down seven times. Were we to compare it to Jesus we would find that He too went down seven times before He ascended to the throne. This is important because the authority gained is directly proportionate to the depth to which he went.

It was in the furthest point from his destiny that he sowed the seed of his own deliverance. Often this is the case for us as well as we go through the processings of God. Continuing to walk in integrity even in the midst of the most adverse circumstances, may well be the final qualifier so God can use us greatly in the days to come. 

So the question we hear now as you have read this, is, but what does this have to do with the crisis today in Egypt.

As the last two dispensations have changed, Egypt has figured deeply in both. In the days of Moses, they were used of God to preserve His deliverer, even though they knew it not. In the days of Jesus, while God needed a place to hide and protect His Son, our Deliverer, God sent Joseph to Egypt to preserve him.

God send Joseph to Egypt to preserve and train him, although it sure did not look like preservation for the first little while, but God...

All three of these men were sent of God to preserve God's people in one way or another.

In coming to Joseph it is important to realize that it was the wisdom found in Joseph that cause him to be brought to the throne. He was brought to the throne well before the time of trouble during which time he would be used  as a preserver. During that preparation time, Egypt paid him to store up corn, oil, wine, and all manner of foodstuffs for the days to come. It says he built storehouses throughout all of Egypt and gathered 20% of all the crops of every kind during the 7 years of plenty.

This is a prophetic illustration of the end time. We have been in a time of plenty when the Word of God has been flowing like a river and revelation from God has been abundant. Throughout this time, God has some men and women who are being prepared by God as they store up these abundant giftings of God in their spirit. They become storehouses for the days to come  when famine of these things will be in the earth.

An interesting application of scripture that brings this into what God is doing today is found in Mat 13:52.

Mat 13:52  Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.

Jesus is speaking here of the Kingdom and using the prophetic tool of parable to illustrate a layered Kingdom principle. There are levels of growth and maturity in the Kingdom that are important to understand. It is the scribe/teacher who is instructed unto the Kingdom that brings out of his treasure(room/storehouse) things new and old.

It could be drawn from this passage that one must be instructed to the Kingdom. This instruction is done by God appointed ministry, or by God Himself. Only those who focus on the Kingdom will be able to obtain things new and old to put in their storehouse/treasure. It is clearly possible to be instructed but the instruction not take and therefore nothing be in our storehouse.

If the principles are transposed to the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, then we find the foolish virgins, all exposed to the same opportunities as the wise, did not have the wisdom to gain extra oil when it was available. The principle of needing to store up, for the time coming in the future becomes a focus in both parables. One of the ways  to gain storage material is through being instructed.

There will be a company of people in these days that will become Josephs storing up that which Kingdom instruction gives. Treasuring instruction, wisdom, knowledge and impartation receiving them within their spirit, soul, mind and being.

Lately, as I have watched the news, I have been prompted to check all that I have gained over the years. Spiritual inventory of instruction, knowledge, wisdom, impartation and attitudes has been essential to assess whether I am a storage unit or just a lamp that could run out of oil too late to be of use in the Kingdom.

Again, Egypt reminds me of its place in God's economy of protecting God's deliverers. Joseph, Moses and Jesus were men who became deliverers. Each of them were preserved in Egypt for a time.

As we come to the end of the age and approach the time of a famine of the hearing of the Word of the Lord and a hearing of the Words of the Lord, will we be in that company of people whom God will use to preserve and feed the Israel of God in the end time?