For numerous years I have been pondering in the book of Proverbs. Questions have arise and here are some of them now yet fully answered.

  1. There were numerous things that Solomon did not know, though he was the wisest man outside Jesus Christ. Is it possible that some of those things will be revealed as science probes the depth of nature.
  2. Will God then reveal to His men and women, the spiritual parallels that take us deeper into Him and how they show His handiwork
  3. Does the Locust have something to teach the Body of Christ. (I do not ask about the ant, because of "Consider Her Ways")[see online store, and follow link to ISCL for course description]
  4. What about those things that Solomon did not know, has any ministry searched out the hidden things.
  5. If God is into concealing is there a people called to search out the matter.
 These are but a few of the ponderings I have done in Proverbs and there are some of these things in some stage of research as we speak.

Will you search out any of these matters..