Recently I was asked to do a Sermonar on the End Time. I was given 3 services to do an overview. As many of you know, that requires Divine inspiration to take the highlights of the time period covered by the "End Times" and be enbled to share enough that those attending receive hope and at least a taste of the glories that have yet to be revealed to and through God's church in the upcoming days.

In contemplating all of this, I was led to the parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Because this is a blog style of writing, only the basic of that passage in Mat. 13 will be shared, remembering that Jesus said, the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed through these parables. Parables, are prophetic tools that God uses to hide His secrets in. Only those who "search out the matter" will be able to understand what is being said. This searching out is not done through study, although study may be involved. The searching out is done by searching the realm of the Spirit of God for the answers and letting Him reveal to us, by the Spirit, the "depths of God."

Having said this, it is important to define two phrase and then leave it, or maybe ask that you ponder the two phrases, with some suggested lines to think along.

The key word here is CHILDREN! It is the plural of child. Are each group of "children" mention a corporate grouping? If that is the case, would it change our concept of the interpretation of this passage?

Is it possible that the Children of the Kingdom have some explanation or interpretational fulfilment in The Body of Christ?

Is it possible that the children of the Wicked One has some explanation or interpretational fulfilment in the Man of Sin and that he also is a corporate expression in the "End Times"?

These are thoughts to ponder concerning the days ahead.

Dr. Bill