Spiritual Paradox

I came across this years ago in an articel that came in the mail. This was at least in the '80'. Although these are not all of the Paradox listed in the article, these are a few to ponder.  

  1.  The Christian has to believe the unbelievable.
  2. See the invisible.
  3. Hear the inaudible
  4. Know the unknowable
  5. He has to see an invisible God
  6. His greatest reality is to see what can't be seen
  7. Hear what no man can hear
  8. In order to get going, you have to stop
  9. If you stop doing your own work, then you're really working
  10. When you are weak, then you are really strong (2 Cor. 3:5)
  11. In the dark, you receive light
  12. When the Lord seems furthest away, He is actually the closest
  13. In order to live, you have to die
  14. If you are dead, then you are very much alive
  15. In order to have good mind(the mind of Christ), you have to lose your mind
  16. Those who think they are free, are usually bound
  17. Those bound to the Lord are actually free
  18. To be the master, one must be the servant
  19. He that is the least is the greatest
  20. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.
  21. In order to be filled, you have to be emptied
  22. Rejoice when things go badly
  23. Be filled with joy when you are tempted and have all kinds of problems.