Rebuked and Blessed

When one has been in the ministry for a long time, it is difficult to realize that you have been doing some things wrong. I am thankful that those who have been brought to us, were willing to confront us on these matters. (We will tell the full story later)

Some of the things were so basic. But, in our desire to help we over reached and forgot some of the basics of God's operation of faith that deals with our fear. Our choice to trust what God has said rather than be ruled by our fears.

In one sense this is just a reminder to all of us who desire to go "deeper"

 Without Faith it is impossible to please God. This passage is so simple, yet, we often forget and through our own decisions to "do something" move outside of faith. 

Being reminded of this by those who have served satan for years, is humbling to say the least, but, pride cannot get in our way of helping others. To project that I have all the answers and know how to do it, when I have not actually been there before, is pride. I then need to repent of it and move on, not walking in blame, shame or anything that will trip me up. 

I repented and refuse to let condemnation or fear control. I have chosen to walk in faith. This because of being corrected by the one we were trying to help. Thank you.