Prophetic Perspectives for May 2011

There is a sense in which the realm of the prophetic has been on the increase with manifestations of it, flowing in greater volume through prophetic events on the world seen. 

In this writing I just want to point us in the right direction to be thinking, the logic of the Spirit. This will cause us to reason in the vein of Isaiah.

Isa 1:18  Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

May has been a month extremely pregnant with prophetic events. The weekend of the Royal Wedding alone had 3 of them. I have waited to see the read of the prophets on them because I did not want to rewrite what had already been seen or declared. Remember that the prophet event can be read by different prophets from different perspectives. This does not make one prophet wrong and another right. The defining moments comes when all are examined by the principles of the Word of God.

Pastor Greg Bogart sent me a tremendous read on the Royal Wedding and on the death of Osama Ben Laden.

I agree with what he said and would like to present another aspect of the prophetic read on those events, plus the canonizing of Pope John Paul II.

Then, although we may not treat it in this writing, we have the "natural disasters", that have seemingly increased in frequency and intensity. All of these have prophetic implications.

Look first at the principles involved, and later we may go into depth on any one of them.

  1. The Wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, heir to the throne of the British Commonwealth.
    1. Prince William(the conqueror) is an heir to the throne of authority of the nation and the commonwealth. .
    2. This Marriage was not one of convenience, nor of arrangement, as many of the royal weddings have been, it was a marriage for love. It has been a while, since marriage for love has been obvious among the royals.
    3. Kate Middleton was not a royal and as far as they know has no royal blood in her line, She is a commoner. Therefore, in the natural run of royal things, ways, traditions and customs, she did not qualify to become the bride of Prince William.
    4. Love made her worthy, the love of her Prince.
  2. In the flow of prophetic interpretation of these facts concerning the prophetic event, we find the following.
    1. Prince William, (the conqueror), is a type of He Who conquered all, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2. Kate, is a type of we who have no legal right to be in relationship with our Prince.
    3. The only thing that qualifies us to be raised to sit with Him at His level, is His love for us.

It is important, when looking at this spiritually to realize that it is a prophet indicator of the times we are in and the invitation of the Prince of Peace to His Beloved to come to this next step or relationship with Him.

For ten years, these two have been going together, on again, off again. Ten is the number of tribulation and testing. Remembering that recently, royal relationships have not lasted. Many of them had been arranged with each going through a number of "requirements", thereby almost dooming them before they were established. We will not take the time to illustrate, but just state what historically is now evident.

The relationship between Christ and His Bride has gone through a number of tests in recent years. There has been a real sense, especially on "The Bride's" part of a pulling close and a distancing.

Although there are still problems from the side of "The Bride's" readiness, the Prince is requesting of "The Bride" her hand in marriage. "The Bride" is in the stage of counting the cost. There are many responsibilities and requirements that as long as she was just 'his girlfriend', a shepherdess, she did not have to worry about. In accepting His proposal, she also accepted all the rights and privileges of the position she would be entering into and began a period of training for reigning.

Through the prophetic interpretation of the wedding that millions watched on TV, God was inviting a people within the "realm" to qualify, through a love relationship with Him, to become His Bride.