What A Year for Entering the Promises of God!

This will be a year of a people, through great tribulation, internally and externally, entering the Kingdom. The Kingdom for you and I is those things which God has promised which are contingent upon the fulfilling of certain conditions, hidden within the prophetic promises. It is my observation that if we fulfill the conditions for the internal, the fulfilling of the conditions for the external promise becomes easier. 

 There will be an unveiling of fresh revelation concerning the Kingdom of God that will revolutionize our concepts of what the Kingdom is and how it is to be expressed. Concepts of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven held for years are going to be broken apart and the truth of the Kingdom unveiled.

There will be a fresh unveiling of the prophetic that will break out of the currently held boxes for it that men have made. New expressions of growing prophetic maturity will appear on the scene challenging old concepts and dividing man's concepts from the truths of God.

Fresh awakenings are coming that will stretch the concepts men have had of the moving of the Spirit of God as He breaks forth on the right hand and on the left. Some of these will be sifting sent from God to test the level of our focus on that which He has promised. Some will be distracted by these moves manifesting as the very things they have declared would happen. When these thing happen they will leave the focus of God for their lives and follow that which looks like revival and outpouring. it is akin to what happened to Elijah in the mount.

  1. The Lord send the wind, but was not in it.
  2. The Lord sent the fire but was not in it.
  3. The Lord sent the earthquake, but was not in it.
  4. Later we see when Elijah was taken up into heaven that the Lord sent the chariots of fire, but Elijah went up in a whirlwind.
Apostolic teams are going, trained and to be put together by God's joining. They will not necessarily be well known but there will be no competition among them for ministry and therefore the release of the power of God and His glory will be greater because of the anointing of unity that they carry.

God is going to increase the growth of "organic local assemblies". Within a safe place God will shape and form the vital organs of the assembly and when they  are functioning properly, then He will grow the structure from within, rather than have one imposed from without. Although there is not a lot known about this, the illustration of Psalm 139 is going to be seen in the Body of Christ as Jesus through His Holy Spirit recreates corporately, what He did with Mary individually.

This year of preparation that is ahead of us is going to be filled with experiences designed or allowed by God to challenge us to mature as saints. They will call for challenges to manifest the mature nature and character of God. Our choices in these events of our life will cause us to choose whether to move on in God or whether we will settle down at the level of maturity we are at. If we choose to settle down, then God will seemingly bless us at the level we have chosen, by giving us seemingly increase ministry and influence and allow us to be busy about the matters of ministering to the people and to the house, but we will not minister unto the Lord. 

The Bride is about to go through the six months in oil of chief spices. All but the North American church have been through the oil of myrrh bath. The bath of suffering, which myrrh is a type of.  Although there are different ways of suffering, the traditional expression of suffering, which is persecution, the North American Church has not experienced.

The six months with oil of Chief Spices is preparation for her to go into the unlimited realm and be joined to her husband the Lord Jesus Christ. The processing the spices go through are indicative of that which the Bride needs to go through before the Divine Apothecary mixes it together and touches it with the Holy Fire from off the Altar.

Finally, I believe that those who give themselves to the Lord this next year will be in a position to qualify to be vessels of the greater glory. Corporately there will be a release that can only come when unity because of processing and going through things together can only produce.