What About the Death of Osama ben.....?

 When I heard that Mr Osama had been killed something hit my spirit. I, with the rest of the free world was glad that this mastermind of terror had been removed, but, a prophetic warning hit my spirit, and a strange application of scripture.

He had been the mastermind behind a number of evil plots and actions that had caused many people world wide to suffer harm and death, yet, if I can put it this way, something was wrong. Outside of the speaking of God, I could not explain what I was feeling.

I understand much about Bible prophecy that I will not go into now, but remember that the final application of scripture is not mine, nor yours, but that which belongs to The Spirit of God. Even though there may be a literal interpretation of a passage, it is important to remember that The Spirit of God can apply a scripture to a situation without violating what is already revealed or making the current interpretation of that passage invalid.

Rev. 12 describes a "woman arrayed with the sun, upon her head a crown of 12 stars and the moon under her feet". Some apply this verse to the church, some to the Bride of Christ, some to Israel, but there is a principle we may have missed in all of our desire to have accuracy of the interpretation of end time events. That which we have missed is the principle of spiritual warfare portrayed in the scenario. 

Let the woman represent the expression that which contains the purposes of God(the baby about to be born).

The red dragon represents satan.

The baby or manchild is the purposes of God.

Note the position of each in the passage.

What I heard the Spirit of God say was that Ben Ladin had been a single head that was fairly easy to recognize and had been dealt with through the vehicle of the Navy Seals that went in, raiding the compound and destroying this recognized head. Now, it was going to turn into 7 heads or a multiple headed thing and each head would be able to direct the "body" of the dragon thereby multiplying the problem.

The above thoughts came into my mind unbidden as I read the news of the events. There was a sense in which I was taken aback, because, I, like everyone else was rejoicing that he had been destroyed, although I felt some pangs that I was fairly sure he was unsaved.

Without elaboration, I want to leave this prophetic suggestion with you. Ben Ladin's death will multiply the headship of the terrorist organization and multiply the attacks against the nations of the world. Whether by man's design, or accident(?), the terrorist threat has been multiplied by the death of this man.

Although I am confident, nothing has been slipped up on God, there may have been some in the world who think the threat is eliminated. It has not been, it has been multiplied. Because of this we need to;

  • Pray for Israel
  • Pray for the portions of America that have been lulled to sleep by this action,
  • Pray for the church to see the warfare principle hidden in the Revelation passage.