Preparing to Enter the Holiest

We've come to the Altar of Incense

No longer the many but one

We've come to the evening oblation

To be offered in the fullness of the Son

Burn thou fire 'till Christ be offered up

And we enter into the Holiest of All

During our stay in Christian Community this chorus was introduced to us. Although we thought we understood what it meant, years of experience and walking with God have deepened our understanding.

We stand on the threshold of a new year. God has been dealing deeply concerning His Body and it's gathering together unto Him. Each denomination seems more entrenched than it ever was.  Yet, the heart of God still cries for men and women who will allow Him to cleanse their hearts in order to bring them to a living in the manifest presence of God, living in the presence of the indescribable glory.

Many are the Christians who live in the light of the glory. Israel of old lived in the light of a glory 12 miles by 12 miles. Every day from that glory came manna, from that glory came a moderating of the cruel weather of the desert during the night and during the day. Every day sacrifices were offered in the light of the glory whose center was over the Holiest of All, but whose cloud by day and pillar of fire by night, hovered over them to keep them safe from all harm.

During that journeying, Israel got so use to the glory that they, complained about lack of water, complained about lack of the kind of food they wanted, built a golden calf to worship, and multitudes of other affronts to  His Manifest Presence. The elders of Israel, met God in the mount, had God feed them a meal of divine provision, and speak to them.(Ex. 24) Shortly thereafter, they rebelled and built the calf  with the intent of returning to Egypt.(Ex. 32)

Impressing my spirit is the need for us to be prepared by God to live in the manifest presence of God 24/7. It was something Jesus did and something we are called to do. Although Jesus lived in that presence, it was not manifest to others until the Mt of Transfiguration. This brings up an interesting point on which to meditate. We can live in the manifest presence of God and those about not know it, until the Father says to manifest it.

 All the miracles of Jesus flowed from that place within where He lived with the Father in the Father's presence.  Miracles can be done on all realms of the spirit. The key to consistency is that they come from that place within where you and the Father and Son live together in the manifest presence. (Jn 14:23)

As we prepare this year to go into all that God has promised, His emphasis is on preparation. There is a preparation of the heart that is essential. In the natural, whether going on a trip, going into battle, or attending a service of worship, there are preparations that are needed. God has brought a people within the church to a place that is beyond the Table of Shewbread, indicative of the maturity level of children, (healing is the children's bread). This brings us to the altar of incense in our Journey of Experiencing the Tabernacle furniture.

By way of review, our journey started at our salvation experience where we took Jesus as our sin offering. There we saw a manifestation of glory as our sins were washed away. If we have fully experienced the Altar of Burnt offerings, the Spirit of God has applied to our lives, The Whole Burnt Offering, The Sin Offering, The Trespass Offering, The Meal Offering, and The Peace Offering. Each of these have an application to our lives and walk with God and with others.

Next in our journey of experience is the Laver, where the washing of the Word is experienced. This washing includes the washing of our bodies with "Pure Water"(Heb 10:22) At the Laver the sacrifices were also washed. In New Covenant this would refer to the sacrifices of Praise, Communication, and Doing Good.(Heb 13:15) This necessitates a seeking of God how to apply this. It also implies an interaction and inter-relationship between the first two pieces of furniture that has not been realized experientially in the church.

Journeying on, we come through the filter of the veil, which speaks of Him filtering out that of the Outer Court that is no longer needed to function in the Holy Place.

Stopping for a while at the Lampstand, imparted into our spirit are the gifts and ministries of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. Represented at the Lampstand is the light of the Word, sourced in the oil of the Spirit of God touched by the fire that came from the Holiest of All to light the Altar of Burnt offerings and carried as a coal of fire to light the Lampstand.

Another representation seen here, in the figuring tooled by a hammer on the Lampstand, representing the Seven Spirits of God.  All the symbols on the Lampstand speak of the working of the Holy Spirit throughout all scriptures.

At the Table of Shewbread we find a different expression of the Word. Here the processing of the Bread speaks of the loosing of our individualism, but not our individuality. Here the many become one(1 Cor. 10:17) Here also we find Healing as the Children's bread. There are types on the table of crowns that God is giving through the experiencing the crown of thorns leading to the crown of life. The twelve loaves of bread speak of experiencing God inworking of divine government in our lives.

In the illustration above we see the Altar of Incense. In the experiencing of the Altar of Incense it is a type of God preparing us to enter the Holiest of All.


 At the Alter of Incense God shows us how to prepare to enter the Holiest of All. The processing of the incense is essential to understanding what God is preparing to do this next year. God is about to bring His people into a brand new dimension of the Holiness of God. 

 All of the ingredients of the incense are what is called Chief Spices. They are used after the cleansing of the Bride in the book of Esther as she bathes for 6 months in oil of Chief Spices. This was given to her in preparation for going into before the King. One of the things it is pointing to is that there are preparations that are essential after the bathing in oil of Myrrh which is a type of suffering.

Each of the ingredients required processing before being mixed with the oil. 

Exo 30:34  And the LORD said unto Moses, Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum; these sweet spices with pure frankincense: of each shall there be a like weight:   35  And thou shalt make it a perfume, a confection after the art of the apothecary, tempered together, pure and holy:   36  And thou shalt beat some of it very small, and put of it before the testimony in the tabernacle of the congregation, where I will meet with thee: it shall be unto you most holy.

In our investigation of the spices used for the incense, we found much that could be taught on, and is in our teachings on the Tabernacle of Moses. Important to this writing is that it was part of the preparation of the Bride to go into the King.

Although much of the true church throughout the world has been through the bathing in the oil of myrrh, I am not convinced that the North American church has finished that bathing. I am sure that the Bride of Christ in preparation is about to go into another dimension. This will cause her to enter into the Chief Spices preparation. These turn to positive things in her life causing her to turn more and more to communication with her intended bridegroom. Allowing God to work into her life aspects of prayer, supplication, intercession and travail that culminate in the offering of her body a living sacrifice unto God, causing her to be holy and acceptable sacrifice unto the Lord.

These 4 spices, represented as power points, in the four horns of the alter, are mixed together in equal portions. One of the things it represents are the four horns of the Altar of Incense. As the Divine Apothecary mixes these ingredients together after His artistic ability, there is a blending in our spirit that allows us to present our bodies a living sacrifice. It is to be noted that although the whole was mixed at once, only a small portion was offered with the fire from off the Altar of Burnt Offerings being used to facilitate the change of character and nature. The change in the natural, was from a solid to a gas. The change in the spirit is from a living sacrifice offered as prayer, supplication, intercession, and travail, to spiritual incense gathered by the angels in Revelation 8:3-5  

There is a sense in which the Lord has been receiving the Martyrs as incense in this generation and in generations past, but these whom He is about to receive are "living sacrifices", living prayers, coming from the limited realm being translated into the unlimited realm. Just as that incense could not be contained by the Holy Place or the Holiest of All but rose through the four coverings to mingle with the cloud of His Manifest Presence, so God is preparing a people, through the above processing, to enter into the unlimited realm. This people will become forerunners for the Body of Christ as they live, walk, and manifest the unlimited realm on the earth, because they were willing to have their nature and character changed by the fire of God.

Before the mixing of the ingredients, and even after being mixed, the ingredients kept some of their own distinctiveness's. But, when the mixed ingredients were touched by the fire of God, their nature was changed. So it is this next year, there will be a people who yield to these processings of God and allow the changes necessary to take place, so that they are prepared to change. Each of the ingredients went through a crushing and mixing together, of equal proportion, in order to be prepared for the fire of God.     


God is going to take a people into dimensions of prayer that the church has not entered. At every piece of furniture God has led us to, there has been some dimension of prayer. They are all brought together in the Altar of Incense experience.

God is preparing to take a people into the unlimited realm, that realm of the "greater works than these". It will come out of a people who have let the Word of God dwell in them richly. A people who are not calling down external power, but are working "according to the power that worketh in us" express the level of manifest presence they live at. Because of that power working in them, the depth of their being to make the more like Jesus, this people perform all the Works of Jesus and more.

I am not sure how long it will take, but I am sure that it starts this next year. A year in which prayer becomes more central to those who are walking on. Communicating with the Father and the Son becomes priority, not necessarily after the old way of thinking with appointment times(early morning) and extensive Bible readings, but through relating as we walk with He Who alone can properly direct our paths. It will require refined hearing and obeying. It starts this next season in God.

John said, "when we see Him as He is, we shall be like Him". Those who see Him as He was, will become as He was, which is quite a distance beyond our current dimension. Finding themselves at this realm will cause them to be tempted to stay there, but, God has something further.

Jesus is at this moment, at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for us. Those who see Him as He is will begin to allow Him to make intercession for us, through us, thereby manifesting what they see Him as.


Will I allow God to take me through this? This is a journey of choice to answer the call from the Mercy Seat to come into the manifest presence of God. That will be through the veil "that is to say HIS FLESH." As we go through He who is the Way, through the Truth to the life, all that is unnecessary to live in the glory will be filtered out.