Index of Teachings and Messages 

from the pen of Dr. Wm. J. Hurst

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Brief Synopsis 

Nothing that appears to have been fragmented in our lives will ultimately go to waste.              

A refreshing reexamination of this classic parable found in Luke 15. 

 So as not to be short changed in our apprehension of ALL that Christ has provided, Dr. Hurst outlines 13 benefits that constitute the Riches in Christ. 

In this teaching we will learn that to progress from one stage to another may involve relinquishing old patterns of thinking and ideas of how we are guided 

What exactly did Jesus mean when he limited the sign that would be the  indicator of the His Glorious coming? 

In these days, things that Solomon did not understand are being unveiled through the Body of Christ. This study will help you understand what God is doing today in His Church. 

What did God mean when He said, "Whose seed is in itself"? What is its application today?     

Throughout scripture, Barren Women have been considered under a curse. Even in today's spiritual society, churches who do not "win souls" are considered to be under chastening of the Lord at least.What is God's  opinion?       

 In these days of difficulty it is hard to keep our focus. Because we have not seen balanced vision, we do not know how to find that place. This message helps us take our eyes off the circumstances and show how to create a balanced vision.

 Many today are crying out for leadership, yet do not understand what it is. Others want to be leaders in the Body of Christ and have no vision for what that may look like or how it is to be expressed. This teaching outline lays out Biblcal requirements that are not often looked at. Taking passages where God Himself speaks of qualities of life and character of a Shepherd, a templet is developed by which those aspiring to godly leadership can measure their progress. Welcome to the Ministry!!

In this message, we find God giving instruction for the last days. As we come to the end of the age, there is a preparation happening in the realms of the Spirit.  How does God prepare a people for Himself. Read and consider what is laid out in this message?

A extremely interesting read.