In this section we will be giving audio, video, and written messages that God has given that are relevant to the current condition of the church and its need to move ahead and grow. May God bless you and speak as we share what God is saying to us. 

Here is a blog written concerning the dealings of God.

Let The Light Shine Through The Negative

This article is something written just recently when seeking the Lord how to teach the Body of Christ without the often used condemnation tactics producing pressure in the reader to give. The link takes you to our other ministry website, ISCL.

Guidelines for Giving To Traveling Ministry

 Rebuked and Blessed - Years in ministry do not necessarily teach wisdom. This gives a simple illustration of that fact with God using an unexpected teacher.

Let My People Go:  Parallels to the End Time are suggested as God sets natural Israel free and spiritual parallels are drawn to the Book of Revelation!


Prepare for War:      As God's people prepare to come into all that God has promised, it is wise to draw the parallels from Israels preparation to inherit the land God promised.

Preparing to Inherit:  Many people think inheriting the land is automatic. This article presents questions around which one can re-consider that line of thought.

 PRINCIPLES OF INHERITANCE:  Given in this outline are some interesting guides to help us as we pursue our inheritance in God.

 Cycles That Need To Be Broken:   God had begun to deal with me about this and then Dr. Chuck Pierce was used of God to confirm what I was hearing. Read and pray.

 The Prodigal Son:  A new approach to an old Parable.