This link is to a new program that has much that can be mined and applied in our daily life.
Her website:

This link takes you to a the Tangle website that has several Introductions to some of the courses.(about 10 min of class time). This will allow you to get a taste of what the Lord has said to Dr. Hurst over the years.  If that does not work properly, search for The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership, then look for the video's.

The Church Planter's Institute is a 3 year program for church planters in the Greater Toronto Area. Dr. Ron Morin has been a colleague for over 30 years. God has taken all his life to prepare him for this moment. He planted over 40 churches in Canada and South America. As a man of integrity, he imparts knowledge, understanding, skills and practical application, into the those who he mentors as they plant churches during their time at the institute.
Because I believe in the power of the Word of God, I recommend this Bible Program that has many units free for the downloading

 The following links will take you to different ministers and ministries that have been of value in contributing to the ministry I am today. May they bless you as well as you obtain drink at their wells of salvation.

More will be added as we continue to develop the site.

Wade Taylor:  A dear brother who teaches the from the Song of Solomon and intercedes for Washington DC. 

Although the website is still open and now run by his daughter, Dr. Nancy Taylor Warner, Dr Wade has been promoted to a higher level of ministry.

Bro Don Crossland:  He is a dear man who God brought into our lives years ago who has been a true friend. He wrote a book, A Journey Toward Wholeness that I would encourage you to read. He also has a fellowship in Nashville area.  His current church:  Melchisedec Church

Dr. Steven Philips is a friend and has a ministry to those who have been wounded by the religious system. Investigate his website. 

One of the deepest writers of the last century:  T. Austin-Sparks               I highly recommend his writings. 

Bro David Alsobrook is a man of God that I heard years ago, who has since been through much fire and purified even more. A visit to his site would bless you. 

Dr Ed Corley     is a ministry I have known for many years. Through over 40 years of knowing and relating to this man, wisdom and impartation have kept flowing

Dr. Cosby R Oliver:  Zadok  Publishing is the vehicle Dr. Oliver uses to publish the things God gives to him to challenge the Body of Christ with.

Rick Joyner is a respected prophet in the Body of Christ. Leave preconceived ideas at the door, and search the scriptures to see if these things be so.

Dr. Ed Bez is a dear brother who is on the teaching faculty of The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership. Some of his other interests and responsibilities are found at the following sites.

  1.   Under The Olive Tree
  2.   Dr. Ed Bez  Blog 
  3.   Biblical Acheology
  4.   Biblical Botanical Gardens
  5.  Video's On Youtube:  Dr. Bill's Videos on Jim Hammerle's Site. Check out the rest of his site. 
  6. Quest Bible Institute and Seminary 
  7. The Church at Covington, Oxford GA.

A newletter call Open Heavens. which it sent out to the Body of Christ. It has articles that challenge one to grow.

Free Christian Resources for instruction in going on to perfection or Growing Up Into Him In All Things. 

 Paul Kieth Davis is a respected ministry with revelation in the Body of Christ