Is it possible that the judgments of God in the end time are going to be used to bring total freedom to the children of God, just as it was in Egypt of old?

Gen 15:13-14

1.    Exodus 5:1
    a.    Increased bondage because the Pharaoh is afraid of losing his slaves.
    b.    Taskmasters given more authority to enslave.
        i.    Taskmaster of the old ways
        ii.    Ignorance
        iii.    Religious traditions
        iv.    Monotony of life. God may have done it years ago, but He no longer does it now.
        v.    God would not do this for me, for other, yes, for me, no
            (1)    I’m not worth it
            (2)    I’m of no use to God. I don’t have a ministry like __________ .
        vi.    Rejection
        vii.    Fear
        viii.    Need for acceptance
        ix.    Inheritance on all three levels
            (1)    spirit(human)
            (2)    soul (its in the genes, my mother or father was like this too)
            (3)    body (what we might consider physical limitations)
        x.    Environment (neighborhood)

2.    Exodus 7:16

    a.    River turned to blood.     The beginning of the major judgments of the gods of Egypt. They worshiped the river.

        i.    Is it possible that to us the river could represent the words of our mouth?
        ii.    There are also those who worship the Book above the Author?

3.    Exodus 8:1

    a.    The land smitten with frogs.
    b.    The river, which had always been a source of blessing became a source of judgment for them.

4.    Exodus 8:20

    a.    Swarms of flies. The air, which had brought blessing was now used to bring judgment.
    b.    It was with this judgment that God made a difference between the children of Israel in the land of Goshen and the Egyptians in the rest of the land.

5.    Exodus 9:1

    a.    Grievous murrain. God struck at their food supply and that which gave them milk and clothing.
    b.    This struck at the economy of Egypt.

6.    Exodus 9:13

    a.    Heart disease
    b.    Hail
    c.    Thunder
    d.    Fire running along the ground.
    e.    All grass and herb was smitten. Trees were broken by the hail.

7.    Exodus 10:3

    a.    Locusts to eat the residue left from the other plagues.
    b.    Pharaoh, although his land was broken, his servants begged him to let Israel go, hardened his heart.
    c.    God made this so that He could eradicate Israel’s enemy.

Prophets from other portions of the Body of Christ are calling this a year of release.

We want to declare in the heavenlies, this message.

God has decreed that Egypt must be broken. They have oppressed God’s spiritual Israel long enough. Pharaoh does not want to let go. The process we have just outlined is what it takes, through the dealings of God to cause Pharaoh to let go of our lives.

 Know it is a process