What About America????

My heart has been burdened for this country. In a time of crying out earlier this year, God brought to my attention, the life of the eagle. As we know the eagle is the symbol given by God, at the founding of this nation, to represent the country. Dr. Brian Bailey said that a nation will follow the life style and characteristics of its national emblem.

Because this witnessed in my spirit, and because I have observed it now over 42 years, I look at each country that God has me involved in and has laid on my heart, in the light of their national emblem be it beast, bird, or something else. If I desire to understand its past, present, and future, a study of that emblem is wise.

One day while still in Canada, a number of years ago, the news showed a number of practice fighter jets had crashed. I asked the Lord what is happening. His reply to me sent me on a study. "The eagle is losing her feathers"!

Then came the USS Cole. The Lord's response was, that the talons of the eagle were growing over. This was followed by President Bush appealing to the UN for help concerning the Iraq situation after 9/11. It seemed that the beak of the eagle was not able to rally the world to help anymore.

In the election last fall, I as many others prayed that the Lord have His way, thinking that He would put John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House. When He did not, I went back to Him and asked Him why. I can only report the answer I received. He said that the eagle has to molt quickly, so that her youth can be renewed.

In the scriptures this process is referred to in Isa. 40:31.  But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. A deeper study of the eagle in scripture would reveal a number of things.

Jesus, the Divine Son followed this pattern through death and resurrection. In scripture the Divine Son is represented as an eagle.

In early spring of this year, God brought to my attention a factor that I had not seen in all of the other studies on the eagle I have done. When the eagle flies to the highest ledge to be safe from one of the only creatures that could defeat it during this molting process, the snake, its mate watches over it. This caused me to ask the Lord, WHO IS THE MATE OF THE AMERICAN EAGLE????

The Lord's response to this question arrested me. He said, THE INTERCESSOR IS THE MATE OF THE AMERICAN EAGLE.

Intercessors of America, it is time to rise up into your place beside your country. Feed her with spiritual food, watch over her with intercession. People of God I am not talking about prayer. Prayer is good and accomplishes a work, but it will not protect the American Eagle at this time. Praise is good and has a place before the throne of God as we approach him. But, America needs intercessors to intercede until there is a canopy of Divine protection over this nation during this molting process.

I do not know what complete molting will look like. I do not know how far "down" she will appear to go, but I do know that we have a stake in what will happen. We can make a difference.

There are a number of things going on right now, in the Body of Christ that are good and vital. I appreciate all of them from all the different streams of expression in the Body of Christ. Yet, unless the intercessors arise and stand in the gap for this country, she may not make it through the molting process alive.

Many have been the prophetic words about her, starting with President George Washington. Others have seen a number of things since that speak to the ebb and flow of our nation. But,  just as Daniel saw by the book of Jeremiah, that the time was come and he interceded for the will of God to be done, so it is essential in these days that the intercessors take those words and intercede before the Throne for this country's protection and revitalization.