God Speaks From The Ruins

This morning as I was perusing my emails, a BCN  article caught my attention. It was based on a much larger article in a secular news paper. As I continued to read, I heard the Voice of God in my spirit, "This has prophetic significance"! He was referring to the church site they believe they have found, the Church of Laodecia.

I have a dear friend who could evaluate that for me in short order, but, that is not the thing that is important now. That God is speaking to His people in this front page blast of His trumpet message, that is what is important.

Many would run with this and go into all the problems in the Church at Laodecia and drawing parallels to those problems in the Church today. Yet, what I heard after a moment of quiet before the Lord was something that gave me hope and placed before me a vision and a goal.

The Church age of Laodecia is the age of ascension. The age when amidst the worse conditions possible, the greatest apathy ever seen, when men are blinded by their pride of their 'relationship with God', God brings a people full of humility, who are crying out to Him and becoming more and more dependent on Him, into the final step of Overcoming.

These people, through dependence on God have overcome the greatest test of all. The greatest test of all is not poverty, nor persecution, although those may be part of the test for them. The greatest test of all, is "when thou hast eaten and art full, beware lest though forget the Lord thy God." The test of prosperity, and popularity are two tests no move of God has passed so far. This not only is natural prosperity and popularity, but spiritual prosperity and popularity.

These are the bain of the Western Church. These are the things that keep the Christians powerless. These have destroyed and brought to naught many a mighty man and women of God. These are what a company of people in the age of Laodecia are going to overcome.

The Voice of God this morning, was saying, through the discovery of the Church at Laodecia,

"Prepare for me to bring forth a company of overcomers who rise above the problems of that Church and soar on the wings of a great eagle to the throne."

There is more that could be said, but I think it is important that we ask the Holy Spirit at this point to place within us, a cry that He would bring us there. That we would allow the Holy Spirit to walk us through the "cures" for the problem described in Rev 3:18-19 and answer the "knocking Voice" inviting Him in to partake of what little we have, and then we partake of the abundance that He is which will prepare us for the Throne that is promised to the Overcomer of the dimensions of pride of spiritual accomplishment mentioned in the previous verses.

Lord we come to your bargain table today, We give you our ashes that we might become your beauty. We give you our spirit of heaviness that we might receive your garment of praise. We give you the mourning for our condition, crying tears of repentance that we might receive your oil of joy,

Lord we have nothing but the ashes of our lives, the depth of depression at our condition, and the tears of repentance that outside of you we have no ability to even turn around, to give you. But, we thank you that you have given us your Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us through the truth of our condition, that He might lead us to experiencing the Truth of your provision. You have our permission to do this Lord, Thank you for Jesus and Your invitation to come into Him.

(News source: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=ancient-church-discovered-in-western-turkey-2011-01-31