Egypt's Uprising, Prophetic?

As Egypt erupted in rebellious clashes, many rushed to the computer to type in their latest take on the World Scene and its prophetic significance.

Being tired of all the positioning to be right or to reinterpret something from the past that has already been misinterpreted, I just sat quietly and watched the rush of articles on the internet as they flooded the etherwaves and waited. Quietly a Word began to form in my spirit, although I was not sure until just a little while ago how to phrase what I was hearing.

In an extensive study of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, some years ago, I felt to share the parallels i saw between the plagues of Egypt and some of the judgments of the end days. As I did that, I felt the Lord say that these judgments that may fear and desire to be "out of here" for, actually have a parallel to the Days of God judging Egypt. Because Egypt had enslaved God's people, God was judging them and in judging them, he was setting His people free, while convincing them of His power both to do the miraculous and to preserve them when all the rest of Egypt was being devastated.

As I watch on TV. and internet what is going on in Egypt, I felt God was saying it is prophetic that we have reached the time when God is once again going to judge the world powers for trying to restrain the people of God. This will happen to the world powers that turn against Israel in the natural, but also against those nations who repress God spiritual people and try to minimize and enslave them.

The unrest in Egypt, is the beginning of God speaking to His people to get ready for release. Many have walked the ways of Egypt so long, they cannot even conceive that they are in bondage to the world. Their particular tribe in the church has none nothing else.

I just feel to alert God's people that the bondage of the World is about to be broken off. As God increases the unrest in the world He is preparing His people to be taken out of bondage to the world systems. I am not speaking of what is called the "rapture of the church", but I am referring to the triumph of God over the systems of this world. What it will manifest like we are not sure, because of all the symbolism of the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. That it will be, I am absolutely positive.

The time reference in relationship to days, weeks, months or years may not be completely clear either, but this is what Matthew 24 calls the beginning of sorrows.

Because I teach principles and not time lines, I am not going to put dates or time limits on it, but prepare for a visitation of the power of God unprecedented in all of History.

Prepare for a move of God that will move the church from the principles of the World system to the manifestation of God in the earth. Those who love God will press in and participate. Those who are lukewarm will say with those in Peter, "All things remain as they were since the fathers fell asleep and miss what God does and remain in bondage for the rest of their life, by their own choice.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

Dr. Bill