Listed here you will find DVDs of the some of the courses taught by Dr. Hurst. They are non-professional, but the information as well as the impartation is important.  During the lessons, there are illustrations, explanations and revelations that are not included in the lecture notes or books, Dr Hurst felt it wise to make these available to the public.

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Job, Tried Without Cause, But Not Without Reason.

$ 65.00 USD

Tis 13 lesson set is taught from the course text on Job. The unique position is taken of believing God's testimony of Job, from the beginning. This leads to interesting conclusions concerning each of the characters treated in the historical account in the scriptures.


Restoration, The Heart of God

$ 65.00 USD

This 8 disc 13 lesson set takes the example of how God restored His men and using that as a templet, interprets all the scriptures on restoration in light of God's actions with the ones He restored. "Oh that there were such a heart in men that they might seek Him..."


The Philosophy of Spiritual Counseling

$ 90.00 USD

This 14 lesson set is the beginning of a series defining man from the Maker's manual. It is meant to be the primer in what is needed today in counseling. It takes what God says about the makeup , nature and character of the creation IN HIS IMAGE and explains, the Fall, how it corrupted the image of God in mand and Jesus' redemption and replacement plan. It is extremely enlightening!


The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man

$ 80.00 USD

This 11 lesson set expands on the foundation laid in the first in this series and develops what God has designed to be in our spirit so that great hope is given to the student.


The Anatomy of the Soul of Man - Part 1

$ 80.00 USD

Continuing in the series, this 13 lesson set, expands the area of how the soul of man was corrupted in the Fall. It explains the processing through which God desires to restore His image in the Soul.

There will be others in the series dealing with the emotions, mind, and will, from the Biblical perspective and God's plan of redemption for the whole man.


Perspectives of The End Time

$ 85.00 USD

Using the Patterns of God in laying a foundation for the study of the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Dr. Hurst brings new thought and Biblical weight to bear on the understanding of the Last Days. Some surprising conclusions are drawn which will cause the viewer to consider Dr. Hurst's approach to the End Times.(11 CD's) Warning: Watch with caution!


The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chapter 1

$ 85.00 USD

Rich with the exaltation of Jesus Christ, this treatise on the first chapter of Revelation helps the viewer to see Jesus as He is, and set the direction for the truths about the revelation of Jesus contained in The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. "That in all things He might have the Preeminence."


Jesus Revealed to the 7 Churches

$ 90.00 USD

In 12 lessons Dr. Hurst covers Revelation Chapters 2 & 3. The spiritual realities spoken are still evident today in the church. Because they are apply to today's church, the revelation of Jesus that is the answer to those problems is applied to both our lives and the world's realities. Applying those principles to the levels of personal, corporate and the universal church unveils unique perspectives for our contemplation.


Revelation Around The Throne

$ 85.00 USD

In this series, (Chapters 4-7) the final setting of the stage for the rest of the truths in the Book are opened. If the Lord took so long to set the stage, then it is important that we study the rest of the book, in the light of the previous courses. Although there are "end time events" in these chapters, they are no the focus. The focus is what is happening in the heavenlies.


Hear the Sound of The Trumpet

$ 95.00 USD

Based on the principles of the sounding fot he trumpets, Dr. Hurst uses these 13 lessons to unveil some aspects of what God is doing for His church during the events described. When scripture says that God hates a false balance, it is important to see that there are revelations of Jesus Christ that must come before judgment is poured out. Dr. Hurst emphasizes these things as he treates chapters 8-12 of Revelation.


The Great Tribulation

$ 80.00 USD

Bringing his unique approach to these 11 lessons, Dr. Hurst continues to endeavor to balance out the teachings surrounding End Time events that pervade the current teaching on the Last Days. Continuing from Chapters 13-17, he unveils the mercy of God as God deals in judgments with the inhabitants of the earth.


The Eclipse of Your Faith

$ 15.00 USD

Jesus, in speaking to Peter, told him "I have prayed for you that your faith fail not." Taking this passage from the Weust Translation, Dr. Hurst expounds on the "trial of our faith" and the value of Passing The Test.


Solomon's Temple, - Part 1

$ 45.00 USD

This six lesson introduction, sets the stage for the revelation that flows from the types and shadows of Solomon's Temple. It is one of the three major types and shadows in scripture that was blessed with the awesome Manifest Glory of God. The subtitle for this study could be, "Preparing For The Glory".


Solomon's Temple - Part 2

$ 85.00 USD

This expansion on the first in this sereis helps us catch a glimpse into the realms of glory that await the saint as they press on into the fulness of God's plan for them. The reflection of the glory in the face of Jesus Christ worked into our lives is dimly seen by the revelation unveiled in this expansion upon the introductory lessons, taking us into the Holiest of All in the ages to come.


Deborah, A Mother in Israel, A prophetess, and A Judge

$ 15.00 USD

In these extraordinary times, God is again doing things that cause men to wonder. Using Deborah as a templet, Dr. Hurst raises questions abou the unvocalized prohibition of women in ministry. Defying religious traditions, using extensive scripture, he instructs women how God would have them function in the highest echelons of ministry. These two messages of teaching have stirred controvery on both sides of the women in authority question.


God's Perfect Pattern, Tabernacle of Moses

$ 100.00 USD

In this 16 lesson series, Dr. Hurst lays out how the Tabernacle in the Wilderness displays many of the truths of God perfectly. Using the passages that declare Jesus as the Head of the Body of Christ and the Head of the church, the truths are brought down into daily life.

Remembering the repeated admonition to Moses and the manifestation that came at it dedication sealing the perfect pattern many types and shadows are presented for our examination.


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