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Report on "I Want To Belong" conference.
April 19-20, 2013
This is the first chance I have had to comment on our weekend.

 Rev. Michelle James followed the awesome worship of Burn Rochester, NY with an dynamically  illustrated word from the book of Esther. Lives were changed by it.(Video Available)

Saturday morning my wife Ellie Hurst filled in for Diane Bristol who was too sick to come and be with us. Get well Diane and know you are loved. Ellie spoke naming the 5 husbands of the woman of some-area. Lives were touched and changes. (Audio Available)

Saturday afternoon each individual that desired it was ministered to by the prophetic teams. Again, during that time lives were ministered to and changed.

Saturday evening was an awesome time. With many of the attitudes changed and hearts open, God came on the scene. After honoring Sis Anne Trossellilo with a honorary Doctor of Divinity from The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership, Burn again led us into the presence of God. It made it easy to minister a word entitled "I Want To Belong" chronicling the journey through the Old Testament of women whose desire to belong to the people of God became reality as God made opportunity for them to come into the line of Jesus Christ. In coming into the New Testament we showed how in Christ their is neither male nor female and how that applies in the church. Culminating with a prayer of release asking God to release the calls he had on the lives of the women, the conference closed. It was an awesome time in God.

A number of people from out of town stayed over and came to our house Sunday morning for a time of worship, the Word and fellowship. What a blessed time with no one wanting to go home. God was so good as the women went home freer, quite a number with lighter countenances, and the glory of God in their spirit. Thank You Lord.