Chemtrails, What Are They?

Although this article may be a bit far-fetched as to the current level of technological ability, there are prophetic spiritual parallels I want to draw that will help us find where God is wanting to take his people. I have no doubt but that some aspects of this article either are possible or will be possible shortly in the scientific community. Read and take  back to Father the challenge it presents to your spiritual growth and maturity. Ask God if He desires the vision set forth by the prophetic principles to be active in your life.

We realize that many have used these thing to generate fear, in both the world and the Church. It is not our heart to do it, but to show you God's power and ability. God's ability is always greater than anything the devil can produce and able to negate any of the enemy's plans and purposes in the life of the individual who will submit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Insight into  The Principles Around Chemtrails

Those of us who have been around for a while, read the above article and think of Star Trek or Dr. Who, or Captain Janeway and the Voyager. At one point or the other, in each of these SciFi programs this type of technology was used. Those who watched the Star Trek series cannot forget "The Borg", or nanobots.

What are these Chemtrails? What can they do? How will they be used?

In every new technology, there are positives and negatives. Down through the years we have watched as the scientific community has presented new technology and only the positive sides have been presented to get the people adjusted to it. But, as in everything since the beginning of time, man has corrupted that which we meant for good. Another name for this technology is the Verichip. The preliminary aspect of the technology has been approved by the FDA for implantation in human. The reason I will not get into detail about this is because there are as many theories about this as there are reportings of it. Many of them are "conspiracy theories". It is my heart to take the natural, that man can do, and show how God is far greater and encourage God's people in their pressing into the Kingdom of God.

Down through years, God has emphasized to me, the passage from 1 Cor. 15:46.

1Co 15:46  Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.

As  He has shown me things, I have always asked Him to show me the spiritual parallels to the natural events. It is through these glasses that we will be looking at the article link at the beginning of this writing, after reading my "disclaimer".

The tenor of the article is negative. Yet, because God is in control and because scripture clearly indicates that the natural has a spiritual parallels, I want to point us to something that I believe is God's heart for His church. He is pointing to something that is so encouraging for those who will press in, that it will lift our spirits and cause us to know a greater dimension of God.

Nano-technology was just a scifi concept that made men and women chuckle back in the beginning of the Star Trek era, yet, the day has arrived that caused us to know that there were numerous things in Star Trek that were actually, the enemy revealing what he was headed toward, and what he would produce. A discerning heart can look at what is in the "scifi" fictions presented on T.V. even today, and hear God speak concerning the plans and purposes of the enemy to endeavor to set up his forced control of his kingdom. Thank God that God will only let it go so far, but, it will go a lot farther than most Christians realize, before those who press in come under the protective hand of God.

Men and women in scripture, who were God's representatives and anointed of the day, were allowed to go through deep things, after the promise of protection had been given. God's Word is true, He will protect His Life in them, but, we have wanted to set the parameters and refused to see the realities of what God allowed His saints to go through. These who were types and shadows of what God is doing today, were allowed to go through deep trying times.

Cases in point:

  1. Joseph
  2. Israel in Egypt
  3. David being chased by Saul. He was God's man called to reign over Israel and yet....
  4. The Three Hebrew Children in the fiery furnace
  5. Daniel in the lion's den
  6. Then there is the Hebrew 11 saints.

I am reminded of a passage that is misinterpreted most of the time.

1Co 10:13  There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Most who quote this, stop after the word escape, in order to prove something that is not a scriptural principle. It is imperative that we grasp that final phrase, " That ye may be able to bear it." The way of escape from any trial or temptation, is a grace that comes from God that enables us to carry all the way through the trial. This imparts to our spirit a greater revelation of God than we had in the beginning of the trial. The experiencing of this way of God's dealing with us, causes us to go "from faith to faith", to gain "grace upon grace", and to go from "glory to glory" experientially. 

If we are to believe scripture, then the grace of God is available to take us through any trial that comes our way.

 As we look at this article, in the light of principles of the Word, we need to see that what God is doing and saying that will cause us to walk without fear. Many are trusting that God will remove His church from the earth before anything of this nature takes place, but, that is not the pattern seen in scripture. What then is God's plan, if man's technology gets to a place where it can invade our bodies with the ability to change our character, nature, and thinking?

God began to speak concerning the fear that can be generated by the article we have based this teaching on. He also began to challenge my spirit to press into God and let Him change my character and nature.

The plain and the simple truth of it is, that these nanobots may be able to interface with the brain and may be able to be set to control the mind of man. They are developed for this reason although the positives are what is presented to the populous.

In the article they present a recipe that they say will help our bodies reject the nanobots, but, this war between these two positions will continue to go on and of course all of this fighting it on the natural realm takes money which some will not have and will not be able to do.

First of all, take all that is written there and here, into consideration. Ask the Lord what your response should be, but know, the only real cure, or protection, is learning to hide in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When I read the article, which was sent to me by a Dr., the Lord spoke into my spirit the passage from Matt.

Mar 16:18  They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Drinking something deadly applies to taking something into your system that is not good for it. There is a sense in which those walking in God are either going to press into this place in the spirit by choice, or, circumstances will force us to make the choice at what level we will relate to God. Like God said to Moses as He dealt with him, "there is a place by me", Song of Solomon calls it "the cleft of the rock", and the "secret of the stair". Each of these speak of a place of attainment in relationship to the Lord that is a protected place.

Job 28:7  There is a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture's eye hath not seen:   8  The lion's whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it.

This is a place of pressing into Him, a realm of the Kingdom within that affects my whole being. Is this where St. John was when they boiled him in oil and it did not affect him? When they tried to burn Polycarp at the stake and he would not burn? Had he also found this place where he could not be killed until his work in God was done?

Finding that place in Christ within, that will release the protection of God that will keep us until our work is done and will not allow any deadly thing to hurt us, is available in our relationship with God. This passage seems to indicate it is a way of walking that neither unregenerate men nor demons can ascend to or walk on.  Men and women of God, down through the ages, have gone through unspeakable things and it has been unable to affect them because of where they were in their spirit.

Another factor I want to underscore from this article, is that it seems the enemy is out to control the populous, whether they want to be controlled or not. History proves it can be done. The majority of whole populations have been controlled by charismatic leaders. Yet, the level of control this is speaking of goes beyond anything the world has seen before.

Scifi movies have depicted a population controlled by some thing or other and it has caused us to think it was impossible, because of the context they put it in.   The Scifi TV and writers have often depicted these things long before they happen in order to plant a seed of thought that causes the general populations to scoff at its possibility. When the seed of doubt is planted, the basics of the technology is already seen possible by those writing the story lines. The enemy of our soul has a long range plan that he wants to convince his followers is possible, so he sends strong delusion to facilitate his work in the earth. Often without knowing it, to the prophetic eye, the enemy is unveiling his plan, because God gives prophetic insight to His prophets to read the "signs of the times".

At the very least this article is a prophetic warning to the people of God to press in to a new place with the Lord Jesus Christ that brings it with a new level of protection.

A question that we need to ask ourself is:

When God talks of hiding in Him, in whatever form, what are we hiding from? What does that hiding in Him look like?

In another approach to this thought, He speaks of the Treasure Hidden in Him. How do I find those treasures that are hidden? Would a study of hiding, produce some things that have not been thought about before?

Exploring these lines of thinking throughout scripture will bring us to a new appreciation of the power of God in the end time. Just as in the days of Elijah, God hid 100 of his prophets and had 7000 that had not bowed the knee, so God today has hidden men and women and will have hiding places for His people. God will not allow His people to experience the wrath of God, but will protect them through it, just as he did those in the days of Elijah.

As we press into maturing in Him, He protects us even when we are being pursued by the enemies Kingdom, just as Jezebel, the enemies representative in that historical time, pursued Elijah. God hid Elijah and provided for him throughout that whole time. A portion of it was beside a brook fed by ravens or the unclean birds who obeyed God. The second portion of that time was in Jezebel's home town in what could be read as a compromising situation. Because Elijah was in a place of obedience, God protected him in plain site.

When we are in the center of God's will, nothing in our lives can go beyond the limitations God has given the enemy, no matter what is going on. We see this in the lives of God's men who went through deep things and difficult trials.

As we read of God's men in Church History, and Fox's Book of Martyrs, we see God time and time again, protecting His men and women until their work was done. In these last days, I expect God to do the same for all those who focus on letting God bring them into maturity in their lives. They are those who seek the Kingdom of God and its fullness within. It will cause the Kingdom of God to be displayed in there lives without.

In our considerations we need to consider the ability of the enemy to seemingly force his control on the populations of the world. He has done it in the past through a number of men in both the large context, big countries, and small island countries. Through mind control, hypnotic principles, witchcraft and numerous other methods, he has experimented on mass crowd control. With the advent of world systems of communication has come the ability to do it on a larger scale. With the event of micro technology, has come the ability to influence men and women as to the "wisdom" of certain seemingly positive applications if the technology.

It is important to realize that as technology invades the human body, and they gain the ability to control more and more of what we do and what we receive, only trusting God is going to keep it from affecting us.

----If the enemy can produce this kind of control and force it ?

God can produce a working of His to - will and to do

the power of our ability to choose to enter into God to this dimension.