Challenging Quote


This is a Quote used in the course

"Judges, The Unveiling of the Evangelist":

Quote taken from T. Austin-Sparks.

The following is an interesting quote from a British Member of Parliament.

  There are many classifications into which men and women may be divided.. as upper, middle and lower class; rich, well-to-do and poor; religious, skeptical and atheist; ..... and so forth and so on. But, as I think, the only categorization which really matters is that which divides men as between the SERVANTS OF SPIRIT and the PRISONERS OF THE ORGANIZATION. That classification, which cuts right across all other classifications, is indeed the fundamental one. The idea, the inspiration, originates in the internal world...... the world of the Spirit ...... the idea having embodied itself in the organization. The organization then proceeds gradually to slay the idea which gave it birth. In the field of religion a prophet, an inspired man, will see a vision of truth. He expresses that vision as best he may in word. Upon what his disciples understand of the prophet's message, an organization, a church, will be built. The half understood message will crystallize into a creed. Before long the principle concern of the church will be to sustain itself as an organization. To this end any departure from the creed must be controverted and if necessary suppressed as heresy. In a few score or a few hundred years what was conceived as a vehicle of a new and high truth has become a prison for the souls of men. As a result men are murdering each other for the love of God(?).

One moral to be drawn, it would not be wholly facetious to suggest, might be that the first rule for any organization should be a rule providing for its dissolution within a limited period of time. When we are members of an organization, as such our attitude to it should be one of partial detachment. We must be above it even while we are in it (in the world but not of it). We should reckon on being in almost perpetual rebellion within it. Above all we should regard all loyalties to the organization as tentative and provisional.


WE MUST KEEP IN TOUCH WITH SOURCES OF LIFE, not lose ourselves in the temporary vehicles.