On this page numerous single messages and series will be listed. There will be those done with modern technology and those ministered in the past before CD and digital technology. Some of them, although ministered years ago, are as applicable today as they were when they were ministered. It is our hope that you will ask God which you are to purchase and obey His leading in obtaining those.

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The Journey In The Tabernacle

$ 9.00 USD

The two CD overview of the Journey from Salvation, typed in the Outer Court of the Tabernacle, through all of the funiture into the Holiest of All, give a comprehensive picture of our Spiritual Journey. I believe it will create a hunger in you for more knowing of God's design for your life.


The Outline of Revelation

$ 55.00 USD

Dr Hurst presents a positive outline of the Book of Revelation, showing the new things that God will do for His people during the events described in the book. Because focus is on what God is doing in heaven, therefore, the section on the Great Tribulation is not treated. It will stir your thinking


Panoramic Overviews to Maturity

$ 45.00 USD

Taking the scriptures that speak of maturity levels, Dr. Hurst lays out in this set of 7 CD's a foundation for understanding the levels of maturity, and the characteristics of each stage. Some very interesting conclusions are drawn, backed up with scripture. If one is honest with oneself it is possible to assess one's own maturity as they listen to this series.


The Power of Hunger

$ 9.00 USD

Using a unique scriptural base, the Power of Hunger for God is examined. How it motivates one into leadership, its importance and imperative added to what it produces in one's spirit as they pursue God is made clear.


Hearing God

$ 50.00 USD

Understanding the Voice of God is imperative to growing to true maturity. Examined in this series are all the expressions of the Voice of God used in scripture. New avenues of understanding are opened for men and women to consider. Ways of testing the Word and proving all things are explored in order to make it easier for men and women to discern what voice is speaking to them.


The Power of Vision

$ 9.00 USD

Jesus said, "i have a baptism to be baptized with and how am I straitened till it be accomplished. This "baptism" filled His vision and gave purpose and impetus to His life. Is it possible, that the vision properly understood can carry us through difficult tests and trials to the full destiny God has for us.


The Making of a Ministry

$ 9.00 USD

In this 2 disc message, Dr. Hurst overviews the dealings of God in making a man or woman a true minister of God. In making a difference between preachers and ministers, he challenges those listening to allow God to make them a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Who Rules The Night

$ 9.00 USD

When driving to the capital of the State of New York, the Presence of God came into the car, as I cried out to God for understanding. Fro the revelation download at the time, comes this message. Ministered in Albany, NY., it opens up a whole new realm of revelational thinking to the listener, not just for NY state residents, but spiritual principles for end time warfare understanding.


Building a Relationship with God

$ 5.00 USD

Although a small package, ( one disc long), this dynamites some of the tradition that has grown up around "religion" and frees men and women to relate to God in a new way.


Coming Into Our Inheritance

$ 9.00 USD

Using the crossing of the Jordon and God's instruction to Israel concerning taking the land, Dr. Hurst encourages us with principles that will enable us to understand the current struggle, personally and in the church. Through helping us understand the spiritual realities that Israel taking their inheritance symbolizes, fresh insight is given into what God is about to release into the Israel of God.


Gather The Tribes

$ 9.00 USD

Taken from an understanding of the blowing of trumpets in Israel, Dr.  Hurst shares how God is gathering the spiritual equivalent of the 12 tribes of Israel in these days. Using several different analogies of who or what those tribes might represent, he challenges the listener to hear the trumpet of God and gather with the rest of the Body to the presence of God.


A Man For The End Time

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$ 9.00 USD

Taking an interesting approach, Dr. Hurst lays out God's requirements for "a man" whom God will use in the End Time. Drawing some unique conclusions, from the lives of some of the great leaders of the scriptures this communicates some essential understanding as God prepares for the grand finale of the age.


 More messages and series will be added in the next little while. Keep checking back.