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The Philosophy of Spiritual Counseling

The Ministry of The Counselor

Part 2

 In following up on the above passages, we see that man has produced counselors of  their own. These counselors deal with the soul problems and are called psychiatrists. Know this, many of the things they diagnose are true. At this point in time I think it is essential to understand the literal meaning of the words used in this field. I do not want to do other than give definitions. Later we will be sharing why it is not able to fully help people be set free from their problems.

The problem with psychiatry and psychology comes when they try to prescribe cures. They must rely on pills and extended visits costing hundreds of dollars. When all that is done they often cannot reach to the root of many of the problems, because many of the problems have roots in the spirit of man. In other words, the problems are spiritual.

Only men and women who have experience in walking with God and the realms of the Spirit, can be called to a ministry of counsel. Please note that I did not say who have been Christians a long time. Men and women who counsel must have experienced God Himself, in order to be able to counsel. There are many also who have gone through
many things, but have not learned of His ways in them, therefore are not able to really counsel men and women who need something of God imparted into their being.

Another thing that is very  important, is to realize, that you cannot choose to have a ministry of counsel yourself. A ministry of counsel comes out of relationship with the Wonderful Counselor. It is He Who calls counselors.

The passage we quoted in Isa 1:26, said that He would "..... restore our counselors, as at the  first."

As we approach the second question, we find there are a number of things, in our understanding, that need to be redefined, from the scriptures. This will allow all of us to start on the same spiritual page and be able to comprehend what is being said. Because this is basically an unexplored field of spiritual thought, I would ask you to reserve judgment on the approach, until you have considered the whole counsel of God on the subject.

Here is the practical definition and purpose of counseling.

In looking at the above, we need to remember, that, if we are called to counsel corporate leadership of individual churches, some of the same principles apply. We need to consider all the same things concerning the character and call of the specific church as well.

When we define counseling, we also need to understand several things, that will be treated in overview form later in this course. 

Another very simplistic but true definition of spiritual counseling is:

So ministering personally to people through listening
and counseling, that all that inhibits them from
achieving a focus on the invisibles of God and
relationship in union with Him, is removed.