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Dr Hurst is starting a page in which there will be quotes taken from courses already written that are still pertinent to today's life and situations. 

Welcome to our new home on the web. It is our hope that the content on this site will encourage and strengthen you, as well as cause you to think concerning the days we live in.

Thank you for choosing to visit us at this time.

On the different pages of this site you will find food for thought, revelation for contemplation, devotional material. Please check out the blog pages and articles. You will also find some of Dr. Hurst's speaking and teaching schedule.

Dr. Bill

 Dr Wm. J. Hurst Ministries is a subsidiary ministry under The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership. 

This ministry is supported by the free will offerings of those who partake of that which has been made real in Dr Hurst's life and ministry.

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